A tea ceremony tools and art industrial art objects. From KYOTO,JAPAN

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Company Overview
Company name Art Nshisaka Corporation
Address 7 Nanzenjishimokawara-cho Sakyo-ku KYOTO , JAPAN
Phone & Facsimile TEL 075-751-0666/FAX 075-751-0667
Business hours & regular holiday 9:00a.m.〜18:00p.m. We do not select it as a regular holiday.
URL http://nishisaka.com/indexenglish.html/
Mail Address
Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law
How to order? E-MAIL・FAX
Necessary rate except the product price The postage
Freight insurance
Fee in case of the C.O.D.
Bank transfer fee
The consumption tax is included in a sticker price.
Payment methods It is bank transfer and C.O.D. as a general rule.
Deadline for payment After the settlement of order, it is in principle less than seven days
Deadline for product delivery In the case of C.O.D. after the settlement of order.
In the case of bank transfer and postal transfer after receipt of money confirmation.
I should be shipment within 7th each, but, in the property of the product, a production period for approximately one month may be necessary when it is out of stock.
In that case, I contact a visitor by either method of an email or the FAX from us.
Delivery method of the product I send in principle the product with the burden on visitor by Sagawa Kyubin or Yamato Transport courier service.
When it is special, the postage may be the burden on me, but, in that case, lists it in the explanation of the product.
About a defective article After we bear the postage and were sent back when a product is a defective article, I trade with a good article or return the price.
The postage when I send it again assumes it the burden on us. I assume the miscellaneous expenses in case of the price return the burden on us.
About returned goods In the property of the product, the returned goods by the circumstances of the visitor is not accepted basically.
The postage in case of returned goods or the exchange The return charges in case of the defective article due to our responsibility are we burdens.
Shipment to the country except Japan The shipment is limited to Japan.

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